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UI/UX Engineer Nr ref.: /JOBS.pl The UI/UX Engineer is the face of Statflo's engineering group. You create the beautiful and useable tools and interactions that define our customer experience. Statflo is seeking a UI/UX Engineer to join our Toronto-based engineering team. Skills: Product Design,Software Development,UI/UX,Customer Success,UI/UX Engineer Sectors: Technology Questions: How do you fit the bill for each of our requirements above?,How do you fit the bill for each of our requirements above? Text title: About the team The engineering team at Statflo believes that good software and system design is a point of pride and that usability and pleasure are the ultimate goals of proper engineering.We believe that small, empowered, self-motivated teams can do big things-so we provide the tools for everyone on the team to deploy and maintain their code in production.We're small but unhindered, graced with resources and skill to build wonderful things fast. Text title: Your Role As an engineer on the development team, you'll be building, debugging, and growing a young, multi-tier application. You'll be investigating new ways to optimize performance, simplicity and scalability.Our priorities are to build scalable and sound software architectures that allow our product engineering team to build new products quickly, release and experiment iteratively, and quickly detect and resolve issues as they arise in throughout our delivery process. Text title: You will be successful in this role if you: Passionately and obsessively seek learning. This cannot be overstated. You love to learn.Enjoy solving complex unique problems.Are passionate about distilling the needs of customers into simple interactions and tools.Have experience with more than one technology stack in your life, and you're comfortable with the idea of mastering more than your comfort zone.Can be autonomous and self-driven.Understand the coefficient of friction and how it applies to software development and operation.Borrow what you can, reuse what you've done, but build what you need to.Care deeply about working within a team and mentoring others around you.Embrace constraints because they challenge your curiosity, creativity and determination.Speak fluent English and have great communication skills. Text title: About you You can point us to a body of work that shows your skill and you're proud of.You have 2+ years experience working in UI/UX for software development.You are comfortable working independently but are a tactful and influential collaborator.You can communicate your insights verbally, visually and in writing. You are a merciless editor of your own work.You care about reproducible work and have picked up tools to this end; you can teach others how to make their own work better and more efficient. Kontakt: Aplikuj teraz Ogłoszenie pochodzi z serwisu Jobs.pl .

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