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Senior DevOps Engineer Nr ref.: /JOBS.pl The Wave Operations Engineering team supports the success of our ecosystem by building the tools and systems that host our sites. We work tightly with all delivery teams to share our knowledge of how web applications run, from how load-balancers work to the impact of pre-warming application servers.We take pride in delivering application performance, operational flexibility, and increased quality of life. We average 14+ production deploys a day on our platforms, and we think we can do better. We talk mean-time-to-recovery over mean-time-between-failures, and we focus on resiliency.Working well with others is a must, so is having ideas and opinions you can advocate for. We're a group of people who like to build stable systems using understandable technologies, and we can't wait for you to join us. Skills: Web Developer,Linux,Coding,AWS,server infrastructure,Cloud-based Infrastructure Sectors: Technology Text title: Requirements Experience with Linux administration and configuration, specifically systems hosting web applicationsFamiliarity with AWS and cloud-based infrastructureComfort working in at least one programming language5+ years interesting experience supporting production systems Text title: Nice to Have Experience tuning mission-critical MySQL and Postgres databasesExperience leading on-call service and incident-response teamsExperience using Docker in a production environmentInterest in DevOps culture and practicesOur main programming languages are Python and Ruby; if you're not familiar with them, we'll help you learn and improve. We use Ansible for configuration management, CloudFormation/Terraform/boto to interact with AWS, and Jenkins for automation.Wave offers competitive compensation (including stock options), health coverage, a fitness allowance, and an annual conference budget. Our office is in a vibrant neighborhood in the east end of Toronto, on several TTC lines. We pride ourselves on an open and entrepreneurial culture, a commitment to solving hard problems, and a shared desire to change the lives of our customers. Text title: About Wave Launched in November 2010, Wave provides integrated online applications that help small business owners around the world run their businesses with accounting, invoicing, payments and payroll products. The company has secured more than US$50 million in funding, and is signing up tens of thousands of small business customers each month. Wave currently tracks more than $80 billion in small business income and spending. Wave is based in Toronto, Canada. Kontakt: Aplikuj teraz Ogłoszenie pochodzi z serwisu Jobs.pl .

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