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Product Manager Nr ref.: /JOBS.pl As Product Manager at Street Contxt, you're the ultimate ruler of all things product and reign supreme over the purpose and function of our platform. Equally important, you're one of the strongest voices representing our customer and you do so flawlessly in every stage of our product development lifecycle: discovery, design, development, and success. Skills: SQL,Critical Thinker ,Detail Orientated,Quantitative Analysis,Qualitative Analysis,Product Manager,Product Development Lifecycle,bachelor or masters degree in engineering or business Sectors: Technology Text title: Your Know How You have near-expert understanding of each stage of the product development lifecycleYou hold a bachelor or masters degree in engineering or business, or have gained a substantial amount of working experience through a past roleYou have serious experience working alongside engineers and 1-3 years of leadership experience working with delivery teamsYou're excited to show us the products you've builtYou use qualitative and quantitative analysis as a weapon for cutting through opinions to get to smart decisions; plus, you use third-party tools as ammo for tracking dataYou're intimately familiar with how to capture customer insights, product usage, and product behavioursYou're an expert in writing SQL and/or scripting languages to collect, transform, and analyze data to the best of your advantageYou are a proven critical thinker and can clearly communicate problems at hand, along with steps taken for resolutionYou're exceptional at writing clear and concise product stories, and acceptance criteria for engineers and other stakeholders that accurately reflect their requestsYou're explicit and detail-oriented when writing test cases to assist engineers in prioritizing edge cases for consideration prior to the release of a featureYou've lead the deployment of a variety of methods to explore and validate product behaviours and the overall user experience Text title: Bonus If: You've built products for the institutional finance spaceYou've worked in a startup focused on enterprise softwareYou've built products with complex data sets, unique visualizations, and many forms of segmentations Text title: You Can Expect: To be included, encouraged, engaged, heard, and recognized for your effortTo make a constant and direct impact on: our platform, our processes, our users, and our teamTo always be clear on where the company is headed and how it's going to get thereTo hustle and work hard doing things that you love, while knowing that Street Contxt is full of fun-loving, game-playing maniacs who also know when and how to rechargeThe truth in everything you read in this posting and on our website; because we do what we say we do Text title: About Street Contxt Street Contxt is an intelligent information marketplace built for global Capital Markets. We're reinventing the way market-moving commentary is produced, consumed, and discovered across "the street." Our platform provides smart and actionable insights that allow our users access to personalized information that helps to drive their business. Ultimately, Street Contxt delivers a competitive advantage to our customers, creating efficient global Capital Markets.Contributing to the growth of a game-changing product gets our team fired up! At Street Contxt, we take ownership of our projects and work together to foster a fun and transparent environment. Our days are spent thinking through complex scenarios and tackling major challenges using innovative technology. We're agile in our process and responsive to the market, seeking to fundamentally improve an institutional industry. We are a team of experts, joined by outstanding advisors and world-class investors, on a quest to build a superior product and a top-notch company. With our HQ in the heart of Toronto and growing office in NYC, we work, play, and win as a team. We enjoy spending time with one another and celebrate our accomplishments together. Kontakt: Aplikuj teraz Ogłoszenie pochodzi z serwisu Jobs.pl .

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