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Customer Success Lead Nr ref.: /JOBS.pl Hi there! We're looking for an empathetic, humble, and insanely talented person to create processes and lead Customer Success at Mosaic. Skills: Professional,CRM,Concise Comunication,Verbal and written communications,Articulate Sectors: Technology Text title: Top Candidates for this Role... - are masterful linguists capable of concise, positive professionalism - have outstanding oral and written communication skills (including grammar, using active verb tenses, etc.) - would enjoy crafting a tech company's voice and personality - appreciate well-designed systems and love exploring new technology - establish the right processes when appropriate (e.g., working with a CRM, ticket system, optimizing the troubleshooting process, etc.) - thrive in creating systems to automate repetitive tasks - crave making things that people love--- You'll probably think about: --- - how to work with the engineering and quality control teams to update/revise processes to minimize customer frustrations - how to make the entire Palette experience more simple - how we can seduce customers into falling in love with printing with Palette - please include "Hi, I actually read the post!" at the top of your note if you're applying - how to grow and support the Palette & Mosaic community - how to make interactions with Palette more serendipitous and delightful - anticipating customers' needs/wants, and proactively taking action to meet these needs/wants--- After 12 months on the job, world-class applicants can expect to have: --- - Led development and execution of Customer Success processes for an advanced technical product with thousands of unit sales around the world totaling more than $1 million USD - Scaled Customer Success processes to handle X%+ more support requests for a product shipping Y units/month - Decreased average # of support tickets per month per unit by Z% by working with firmware and software teams to optimize Palette's UX - Built a massive network of top-tier engineers (mechanical, mechatronics, firmware, software), business people, advisors, industry experts, etc. - Contributed to the team that eliminated major limitations from one of the most innovative industries in the world, and witnessed the direct impact of this achievement - Gained first-hand experience at a rapidly scaling company, and learned a plethora of entrepreneurial skills during the process Kontakt: Aplikuj teraz Ogłoszenie pochodzi z serwisu Jobs.pl .

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