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Chroma Lead: Full-Stack Software Developer (immediate start) at Mosaic - Oferta z Jobs.pl

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Chroma Lead: Full-Stack Software Developer (immediate start) at Mosaic

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  • Hi there! We're looking for an ambitious, humble, and insanely talented person to lead and build everything related to our flagship software (a cross-platform desktop app, built with HTML/CSS/Javascript using Electron, a framework for cross-platform development). Our software operates at the intersection of hardware and software. The app, Mosaic Chroma, is currently used to parse and substantially modify G-code (the numerical control programming language that controls the large majority of the world's 3D printers and other computerized machine tools, like those used in machining). This role has a lot of breadth and depth. Succeeding in this role would require both comfort with deriving mathematical formulae (while probably not used in the first 3 months, comfort with geometry is a definite plus), and a keen sense for what makes an intuitive and serendipitous UX/UI.

    Skills: Entrepreneurial,JavaScript,Computer Science,Mathematical skills,Software Engineering ,HTML/CSS,New Technology,Ux/ui,Restful API,node

    Sectors: Technology

    Text title:
    The Role

    You'll lead all things related to Chroma -- which means this role will have a lot of breadth and depth. Chroma currently parses G-code and alters it for prints with Palette. There's a challenging back-end component (parsing, editing, inserting G-code), and an equally challenging front-end component (crafting a beautiful and intuitive UX/UI).--- You'll probably think about: --- - creating a CLI so that Chroma's functions can be integrated into slicers (software that turns 3D model files into G-code instructions for printers) - how to use software to improve the quality and reliability of printing with Palette - refining build processes to ship on Windows, Mac, and Linux - software at a systems level, and how it can improve Palette's performance in ways that the mechanical, electrical and firmware teams cannot - managing Chroma's repo - please include "Hi, I actually read the post!" at the top of your note if you're applying :) - proactively maximizing the likelihood that customers have positive interactions with both Chroma and Palette, including: ? how to make better user experiences (more intuitive, accessible, friendly, serendipitous) ? anticipating customer and user issues and solving them before they even happen ? prioritizing and executing new feature development ? structuring and writing DRY code that's easy to understand and navigate--- After 12 months on the job, world-class applicants can expect to have: --- - Led all software development essential for an advanced technical product with thousands of unit sales around the world totaling more than $1 million USD - Deployed Chroma on Windows, Mac, Linux - Made deep technological improvements in one of the world's most cutting-edge industries - Built a massive network of top-tier engineers (mechanical, mechatronics, firmware, software), business people, advisors, industry experts, etc.


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