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Education Welfare Officer Nr ref.: /JOBS.pl Salary: 21.71-21.73 British Pound . GBP (Hourly)   Main Functions of Post: To be responsible for the effective and efficient initiation, assessment of children with Special Educational Needs, ensuring that procedures and timescales are fully compliant with both statutory and locally derived procedures. To deliver a comprehensive service for young people undergoing Statutory Assessment of their Special Educational Needs. To oversee and be solely responsible for the writing of Education Health Care Plans (EHCP's) of SEN. To be the responsible Named LA Officer for statutory assessment cases, to whom parents, carers, schools and other professionals should contact for information throughout the assessment process within set national and local guidelines. To direct, oversee and be responsible for ensuring reliable and accurate systems are in place for the monitoring of Best Value Performance Indicators relation to the statutory assessment processes. Responsible for producing the source data, for the calculation and compilation of the indicator in accordance with the agreed definition using the agreed systems, and for the maintenance of appropriate records to support audit. To ensure that the Authority meets statutory timescale requirements in regard to assessment of statements or EHCP's. Key responsibilities To be responsible for the administering of SEN procedures relating to those pupils with a Statement of SEN or EHCP's. To be an integral part of the operational decision-making process relating to assessment, statementing/EHCP's and allocation procedures. Including responsibility for decisions made at the LA's SEN Panel. To represent SEN at the Vulnerable Pupils Monitoring Group (VPMG) and Joint Commissioning Panel (JCP), and be responsible for any decisions made and their execution. To oversee and ensure that the assessment of individual children and young people are fully consistent with the statutory procedures, LA's policies, and timescales. This may be based on specific local as well as national statutory procedures. To make key decisions relating to the assessment of individual children, including: The content of any statement, EHCP or note-in-lieu - ensuring that these issue an appropriate type or named school where the special educational provision set out in them. Amendments to the proposed statement following any representations made by parents. To ensure that parents, educational psychologists, headteachers and others, as appropriate, are fully consulted in the assessment of an individual child and that they are kept fully informed as to the reasons for the decisions made by the LA. As the responsible named LA officer for all cases during the assessment process you must ensure that advice and support to parents, carers, schools and other professionals in line with LA's policies and procedures is provided. Encouraging parents to participate in all stages of this process, through meetings and other contact. To meet with parents and others, if appropriate, in order to consider any matter relating to the child's assessment processes, and resolve any affecting issues. This includes attending relevant meetings at schools and with other services. To chair any formal meetings as appropriate relating to the child's assessment and that take place with parents or others. To ensure continued schools liaison: - collecting, monitoring and acting on schools/SENCOs concerns and suggestions around communications, assessment decisions and timescales. To ensure continued parent liaison: - gathering, monitoring and acting on parents' views on the service they receive. Kontakt: Aplikuj teraz Ogłoszenie pochodzi z serwisu Jobs.pl .

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