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Manufacturing Engineer Nr ref.: /JOBS.pl Position Summary Responsible for assisting the Engineering Manager and team to provide engineering production support in a safe and reliable manner. Maintain & correct engineering production and quality by ensuring accuracy of BOM, WIS, Drawings, CNC programs and correct operation of tooling. Cooperate and collaborate with the Operators and Shift Cell Leaders to complete ongoing Autonomous Maintenance of their machines, equipment and tools. Role Functions *Have a good understanding of the role of the machine shop in the overall business; understand the products made, the processes used and the engineering requirements which are unique to the full production process including machining, plating, polishing. *Understand and be proficient in documentation and quality control. *Help ensure the documentation of BOM, WIS, drawings issues status and CNC programmes are complete and up to date; be able to manage in a timely manner the documentation requirements. *Help ensure all engineering quality requirements are defined and in line with common engineering 'best practice'. *Use IT engineering software and be able to provide comprehensive answers to solve engineering production problems. Be able to communicate with colleagues across any engineering discipline. *Help create and upgrade engineering diagrams, WIS, Routing Sheets, process sheets, operation manuals, manufacturer's instructions and engineering specifications. *Work well with contractors and technical specialists who may help support engineering production work. *Write up permits and concessions. *Follow health and safety requirements in potentially dangerous manufacturing situations and able to handle the requirements of dealing with Personal Protective Equipment in the Machine Shop. *Proactively collaborate with CI-Continuous Improvement activities particularly using Lean practices, (5s) 6s, 7 wastes and TPM-Total Productive Maintenance. *Cooperate, collaborate and communicate effectively with any employee to establish methods of manufacture in alignment with company capabilities and operators knowledge. *Conduct informal meetings and speak reasonably when in stressful surroundings or discussing difficult situations. Be able to advise in ad hoc meetings on engineering issues. Participate and report in Engineering Team Meetings; conduct professional meetings with others about engineering issues. *Work with the Quality Team to assist with engineering, quality or audit measurements; contribute to discussions or concerns from Quality about any mechanical, optical or engineering issues. Key Skills and Qualifications *Excellent documentation control skills. *Ability to communicate complex or simple engineering practices, procedures and requirements to operators, technicians and colleagues. *Understanding of all common metal manufacturing equipment and techniques for example; CNC, EDM, Lathe, Polishing and Inspection techniques. *Experienced in using common engineering practices in a fast paced manufacturing environment with specialist materials. *Deal with uncertainty and able to motivate, drive and self direct personal schedule and work activities. *Good practical problem solving skills; observant, logical, intuitive. Able to identify symptoms of possible mechanical failure and able to successfully explore and uncover causes. *IT ability to handle: Javelin, MS word, excel, outlook, MS Project, CMM, 3D modelling software, and other engineering relating computer skills. *Able to generate and read complex engineering diagrams and reports; construct data collection methods, analyse data and generate management reports on engineering findings. *Cooperative and be able to communicate efficiently to ensure understanding by non-technical colleagues. *Able to work in an organised manner, quickly and under stress or pressure when needed. *Ability to multi-task and handle a varied workload. *Awareness of Health and Safety legislation regarding manufacturing. Kontakt: Aplikuj teraz Ogłoszenie pochodzi z serwisu Jobs.pl .

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