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Cosmetic and General Dermatologist Nr ref.: /JOBS.pl &nbsp NovoClinicCayman Ltd in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands is a clinic that focuses on quality patient care, designed with the comfort and privacy of our patients in mind. Our clinic has been newly founded in collaboration with the Miami Institute ( ). A key medical service will include diagnosis and treatment of all dermatologic diseases and problems. &nbsp Cosmetic and General Dermatologist &nbsp NovoClinicCayman Ltd is seeking a board certified Cosmetic and General Dermatologist to join our clinic. We wish for our candidate to provide Cosmetic dermatology services including laser, noninvasive skin tightening and fat reduction treatments and a variety of injectables. Due to our unique geographical location we are in the position to operate a stem cell center at highest level and offer to our worldwide VIP clients innovative stem cell procedures. We expect of all candidates to be familiar with skin cancer recognition techniques such as mole mapping and to be able to perform the relevant basic biopsy for pathological evaluation. &nbsp Position is commission based with the salary expected to exceed USD300K PLUS per annum, base salary is USD60K Cayman is an income tax free environment Competitive benefits, including medical, dental and pension plans Flex time work schedule, EMR charting Warm climate all year round in a safe British Overseas territory Great community and schools with a small town atmosphere Excellent place to raise a family Direct flights to the US, Canada &amp UK If you are interested in a change, ability for a flexible work schedule, good administrative support and excellent compensation, please contact us. We have more demand than we can meet in all areas, including aesthetic dermatology. Your patients will love our sophisticated, beautiful space and caring staff! We support continued professional growth for our staff with attendance at select educational seminars and inclinic training. Cayman allows the registration of health practitioners who are fully registered (or eligible) in Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa, UK or US, or those who have met the Caribbean regional registration requirements.The applicant is responsible for providing the evidence of his/her registration in any of the countries listed above. Further information can be obtained by emailing:&nbsp info novocliniccayman.com Please submit your cover letter and CV to the attention of Mrs Anja Gale. Position is available by December 1, 2015 Kontakt: Aplikuj teraz Ogłoszenie pochodzi z serwisu Jobs.pl .

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